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CAM-TAG Industries Incorporated is a leading Canadian "build to print" manufacturer/machine shop and assembly facility, strategically located in the middle of Canada's "Aerospace Hub".

Founded in 1967 as a local repair shop, it's immediate goal was to become a forerunner in the local commercial manufacturing industry. Continuing with CAM-TAG's unyielding dedication to precision and quality, it's next objective was to expand it's efforts to the greater North American markets. Today, CAM-TAG Industries Inc. is known as one of the premier manufacturing leaders in the industry.

CAM-TAG Industries Inc.'s manufacturing facility currently encompasses 18,500 square feet and is entirely climate controlled. By utilizing our highly experienced employees coupled with the highest quality of state of the art conventional and CNC machinery, we are able to supply our customers with superior quality products. CAM-TAG Industries Inc.'s present capabilities include, milling, turning, material saws, sand blasting, grinding, honing and deburring.

CAM-TAG Industries Inc.'s capabilities have continually increased over recent years to include not only fabrication, but sub-assemblies and complete assemblies for the aircraft, military, telecommunication, nuclear and commercial industry. With this increasing evolution, CAM-TAG's familiarity with high tensile materials has become extensive. The vast variety of jobs are streamlined by the coordination of all departments: Purchasing, planning, CNC programming, quality assurance as well a shipping and receiving. Parts are continually monitored from inception through to delivery, by the use of production tracking software which identifies the status of current production as well as future production capacities.

CAM-TAG Industries Inc.'s current specialties include critical high strength components for a variety of landing gears, helicopter rotor hubs and dampers, as well as numerous structural components such as fittings, tees, splices and doublers.

Customer confidence and satisfaction is what CAM-TAG Industries Inc. strives and excels at. We have proven it over and over again through the years that the best price, top quality and superior performance are reputable at CAM-TAG Industries Incorporated!

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