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Complete "Turnkey" Solution

Supplying our customers with top quality parts thru to complete assemblies. Manufactured, tested and processed in alliance with our accredited affiliated firms.


High Precision C.N.C & Conventional Machining:

  • Precision machining of
    • high strength, high heat-treated, "fracture critical" components.
    • high strength, high heat-treated forgings.
    • aluminum castings.
    • aircraft aluminum and steel alloys.

High Precision Grinding:

  • Precision grinding of ...
    • chromium plated components.
    • high strength, high heat-treated, "fracture critical" components.
  • Grinding of HVOF (High-Velocity Oxygen Fuel) coated components.


  • Precision assembly of aircraft landing gear assemblies and structural components.


  • Provide clients with critical manufactured components and supplied in "Kits" with purchased components and hardware included.

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